Five line poems

新着状況 フォーラム 五行詩 Five line poems

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    mariko sumikura



    Waves have no ending.
    They soliloquize grandly
    For the sake of the ebb and flow.
    And the human world
    The sea of words is so deep.

    Mariko Sumikura (Japan)


    mariko sumikura

    Melancholy of a Noble Samurai
    -Approaching to waka poetry of Minamoto no Sanetomo-

    Mariko Sumikura


    Letting my destiny
    Take on you
    Bear on you
    We are falling together
    In the scent of plum


    Like an Iris flower
    You were here
    Wearing purple Kimono
    The moment you looked at me
    Touching the collar


    Even a droplet
    Has a force
    To beat water
    My words dripping
    Into the vase of thoughts

    Safe House

    A spring evening
    Storm is closing
    Tulip folds petals
    To hives a bee
    Until the morning

    Imperial Park

    On the black soil
    Red flower of Crepe Myrtle
    White belly of cicadas
    Setting sun is to broil
    Lying summer things

    Halation by Snow

    My town is light
    Tonight in Snow
    Dressed white houses
    Made me trance

    New Year

    At the starting
    of solemn new year
    I fix myself up
    In a suppliant attitude
    Genuine words

    Starry Evening

    Fly paper cranes
    From fixing thread!
    Thy wing to the sky
    With prayers
    on their back

    Spotted Butterfly

    Having thick cramp
    Sapphire wings
    They chase
    Even birds to fight
    Oomurasaki* appears

    * Oomurasaki means Sasakia charonda*, national butterfly in Japan


    A woman
    Prostrated herself
    Confession continued so long

    *Kisshoutennyo is a Japanese female divinity


    Sucking up
    Clear liquid of wax
    Extensive light showed up
    Around burnt black wick
    In the last moments


    In the urn of the heart
    Sea tide come in
    Muse of rainbow
    Sent a message
    From the heaven

    Preparation for the Winter

    Black ashes were left
    On the ground
    Farmers burned straw
    After harvest
    Autumn of village is beautiful


    Well done!
    I could mange to
    Get along in the world
    Without lifeline
    Don’t look back!

    Domestic Animal

    Following shepherd
    With cute eyes
    Sheep are to offer the life
    In such gentleness
    Forgive us


    Bent and curved
    Fold is waving
    It could not shut down
    Cry of mortals
    Now the layers appear


    mariko sumikura



    mariko sumikura

    Here is “Book of Water”. Enjoy it.


    mariko sumikura


    mariko sumikura

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